Guess The Emoji Answers – From 81 To 85 (levels)

Level 81
 Level 81-1Foot in the Door Foot in the Door
 Level 81-2Water Polo  Water Polo
 Level 81-3Helicopter Ride  Helicopter Ride
 Level 81-4Paint by Numbers  Paint by Numbers
 Level 81-5Drug Research  Drug Research
 Level 81-6A Monster in Paris  A Monster in Paris
 Level 81-7Punch Drunk Love  Punch Drunk Love
 Level 81-8Chill Pill  Chill Pill
 Level 81-9Chick Fil A  Chick Fil A
 Level 81-10 Lock and Load  Lock and Load



Level 82
 Level 82-1Strawberry Cake Strawberry Cake
 Level 82-2Bird Flu  Bird Flu
 Level 82-3Line Dancing  Line Dancing
 Level 82-4Smell a Rat  Smell a Rat
 Level 82-5Valentines Day  Valentines Day
 Level 82-6Baby Steps  Baby Steps
 Level 82-7Lightning Storm  Lightning Storm
 Level 82-8Flower Delivery  Flower Delivery
 Level 82-9Family Man  Family Man
 Level 82-10Dirty Martini  Dirty Martini



Level 83
 Level 83-1Business Plan Business Plan
 Level 83-2 Looper  Looper
 Level 83-3Coffee Mate  Coffee Mate
 Level 83-4Two for The Money  Two for The Money
 Level 83-5The Godfather  The Godfather
 Level 83-6Counting Sheep  Counting Sheep
 Level 83-7Monkey Around  Monkey Around
 Level 83-8Bed Bath and Beyond  Bed Bath and Beyond
 Level 83-9Picking Your Nose  Picking Your Nose
 Level 83-10Kill The Irishman  Kill The Irishman



Level 84
 Level 84-1 Delta  Delta
 Level 84-2Energy Drink  Energy Drink
 Level 84-3 Hurricane  Hurricane
 Level 84-4Love Birds  Love Birds
 Level 84-5Pass The Buck  Pass The Buck
 Level 84-6Volkswagen  Volkswagen
 Level 84-7 Game Face  Game Face
 Level 84-8 High Noon  High Noon
 Level 84-9Eyeball  Eyeball
 Level 84-10Wake Up  Wake Up



Level 85
 Level 85-1No Soup For You No Soup For You
 Level 85-2Starburst  Starburst
 Level 85-3Drug Mule  Drug Mule
 Level 85-4Twelve Angry Men  Twelve Angry Men
 Level 85-5Cold Turkey  Cold Turkey
 Level 85-6 NBA  NBA
 Level 85-7Chinese New Year  Chinese New Year
 Level 85-8Sound Wave  Sound Wave
 Level 85-9Loud Mouth  Loud Mouth
 Level 85-10 Twitter  Twitter