Guess The Emoji Answers – From 76 To 80 (levels)

Level 76
 Level 76-1Cat and The Fiddle Cat and The Fiddle
 Level 76-2Rain Forest  Rain Forest
 Level 76-3 Food Truck  Food Truck
 Level 76-4Palm Tree  Palm Tree
 Level 76-5Full Moon Party  Full Moon Party
 Level 76-6 Fruit Loops  Fruit Loops
 Level 76-7Homeless  Homeless
 Level 76-8Hawaii  Hawaii
 Level 76-9Alien Ant Farm  Alien Ant Farm
 Level 76-10Rain Boots  Rain Boots



Level 77
 Level 77-1 Lady in Red  Lady in Red
 Level 77-2Needle in a Haystack Needle in a Haystack
 Level 77-3Radiohead  Radiohead
 Level 77-4 Be Cool  Be Cool
 Level 77-5 Bacon and Eggs  Bacon and Eggs
 Level 77-6Plastic Surgery  Plastic Surgery
 Level 77-7Under Lock and Key  Under Lock and Key
 Level 77-8 Blind Date  Blind Date
 Level 77-9Clockwork Orange  Clockwork Orange
 Level 77-10Phoenix  Phoenix



Level 78
 Level 78-1Apple of My Eye  Apple of My Eye
 Level 78-2 Bonfire  Bonfire
 Level 78-3Katy Perry  Katy Perry
 Level 78-4Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover
 Level 78-5 Emperor  Emperor
 Level 78-6Turtle Wax  Turtle Wax
 Level 78-7Bucktooth  Bucktooth
 Level 78-8 Three Wise Monkeys  Three Wise Monkeys
 Level 78-9Ant Hill Ant Hill
 Level 78-10White House Down  White House Down



Level 79
 Level 79-1Thumb War  Thumb War
 Level 79-2Nine Lives  Nine Lives
 Level 79-3Mushroom Cloud  Mushroom Cloud
 Level 79-4Catch Twenty Two  Catch Twenty Two
 Level 79-5Red Bull  Red Bull
 Level 79-6 Dragon Ball  Dragon Ball
 Level 79-7 Rihanna  Rihanna
 Level 79-8Princess Toadstool Princess Toadstool
 Level 79-9 Leather Purse  Leather Purse
 Level 79-10Magic Eight Ball  Magic Eight Ball



Level 80
 Level 80-1Wet Willy  Wet Willy
 Level 80-2 Area Fifty One  Area Fifty One
 Level 80-3Movie Clip  Movie Clip
 Level 80-4 Monkey Wrench  Monkey Wrench
 Level 80-5Babe  Babe
 Level 80-6Door Lock  Door Lock
 Level 80-7Infant Formula  Infant Formula
 Level 80-8 Paper Clip  Paper Clip
 Level 80-9Powerbar  Powerbar
 Level 80-10Dont Stop the Music  Dont Stop the Music