Guess The Emoji Answers – From 71 To 75 (levels)

Level 71
 Level 71-1Drive by Shooting  Drive by Shooting
 Level 71-2Surfin USA  Surfin USA
 Level 71-3Kate Upton  Kate Upton
 Level 71-4 Crying Game  Crying Game
 Level 71-5Double Diamond  Double Diamond
 Level 71-6 House Party  House Party
 Level 71-7Slow Dance  Slow Dance
 Level 71-8 Audi  Audi
 Level 71-9Filthy Rich  Filthy Rich
 Level 71-10Monsters Inc  Monsters Inc



Level 72
 Level 72-1Peace on Earth Peace on Earth
 Level 72-2Paper Airplane  Paper Airplane
 Level 72-3Paper Man  Paper Man
 Level 72-4Bill Gates  Bill Gates
 Level 72-5Dreamcast  Dreamcast
 Level 72-6Golf Club  Golf Club
 Level 72-7Lebron James  Lebron James
 Level 72-8 Ghost Rider  Ghost Rider
 Level 72-9 Jazz Club  Jazz Club
 Level 72-10 Credit Card  Credit Card



Level 73
 Level 73-1Milk Carton Milk Carton
 Level 73-2Water Gun  Water Gun
 Level 73-3 Finish Strong  Finish Strong
 Level 73-4Chinese Medicine  Chinese Medicine
 Level 73-5World Peace  World Peace
 Level 73-6French Toast  French Toast
 Level 73-7Maneater  Maneater
 Level 73-8 Music Box  Music Box
 Level 73-9Sleep Talking  Sleep Talking
 Level 73-10Slow Traffic  Slow Traffic



Level 74
 Level 74-1 Oscar  Oscar
 Level 74-2 Crown Jewel  Crown Jewel
 Level 74-3Honey Bee  Honey Bee
 Level 74-4Sad Song  Sad Song
 Level 74-5Mint Chocolate  Mint Chocolate
 Level 74-6Finger Paint  Finger Paint
 Level 74-7 Rush Hour  Rush Hour
 Level 74-8Forrest Gump  Forrest Gump
 Level 74-9South Park  South Park
 Level 74-10Apple ID  Apple ID



Level 75
 Level 75-1Booze Booze
 Level 75-2Mad Cow Disease  Mad Cow Disease
 Level 75-3Speed Demon  Speed Demon
 Level 75-4 Key West  Key West
 Level 75-5Doctor Who  Doctor Who
 Level 75-6Camp Out  Camp Out
 Level 75-7Toilet Seat  Toilet Seat
 Level 75-8 No Battery  No Battery
 Level 75-9Bridesmaid  Bridesmaid
 Level 75-10Surfing the Web  Surfing the Web