Guess The Emoji Answers – From 66 To 70 (levels)

Level 66
 Level 66-1 Captain America  Captain America
 Level 66-2Mission Impossible  Mission Impossible
 Level 66-3Tokyo Tower  Tokyo Tower
 Level 66-4 Rule Book  Rule Book
 Level 66-5Discovery Channel Discovery Channel
 Level 66-6Costume Party  Costume Party
 Level 66-7Beefcake  Beefcake
 Level 66-8Home Alone  Home Alone
 Level 66-9Fine Dining  Fine Dining
 Level 66-10 Ice Cream Cake  Ice Cream Cake



Level 67
 Level 67-1 The Lone Ranger  The Lone Ranger
 Level 67-2Time Is Up  Time Is Up
 Level 67-3Life and Liberty  Life and Liberty
 Level 67-4 Electric Guitar  Electric Guitar
 Level 67-5Chick Flick  Chick Flick
 Level 67-6 Twins  Twins
 Level 67-7 Lucked Out  Lucked Out
 Level 67-8The Frog Prince  The Frog Prince
 Level 67-9American Dad  American Dad
 Level 67-10Ambulance Chaser  Ambulance Chaser



Level 68
 Level 68-1Polar Bear  Polar Bear
 Level 68-2Elephant Man  Elephant Man
 Level 68-3Super Eight  Super Eight
 Level 68-4Bedtime Stores  Bedtime Stores
 Level 68-5Rat Race  Rat Race
 Level 68-6Linkin Park  Linkin Park
 Level 68-7 Jet Lag  Jet Lag
 Level 68-8Harold and Kumar  Harold and Kumar
 Level 68-9The Smurfs  The Smurfs
 Level 68-10City Lights  City Lights



Level 69
 Level 69-1Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls
 Level 69-2 Bad Luck  Bad Luck
 Level 69-3 Tears of Joy  Tears of Joy
 Level 69-4Eye Shadow  Eye Shadow
 Level 69-5Star Power  Star Power
 Level 69-6 Gas Lamp  Gas Lamp
 Level 69-7 Car Sick  Car Sick
 Level 69-8 Winter  Winter
 Level 69-9Tarzan  Tarzan
 Level 69-10Lemonhead  Lemonhead



Level 70
 Level 70-1Water Skiing  Water Skiing
 Level 70-2Rock Paper Scissors  Rock Paper Scissors
 Level 70-3 Margarita  Margarita
 Level 70-4 Walk the Line  Walk the Line
 Level 70-5 Cherry Blossom  Cherry Blossom
 Level 70-6 Acapella  Acapella
 Level 70-7Facebook ID  Facebook ID
 Level 70-8Radio Shack  Radio Shack
 Level 70-9News Anchor  News Anchor
 Level 70-10 Four Square  Four Square