Guess The Emoji Answers – From 61 To 65 (levels)

Level 61
 Level 61-1Hollywood Hollywood
 Level 61-2Christmas Gift  Christmas Gift
 Level 61-3 Candy Man  Candy Man
 Level 61-4Film Director  Film Director
 Level 61-512 Angry Men  12 Angry Men
 Level 61-6Time in a Bottle  Time in a Bottle
 Level 61-7 Hundred Years War  Hundred Years War
 Level 61-8Kit Kat  Kit Kat
 Level 61-9Nose Ring  Nose Ring
 Level 61-10Rice Cake  Rice Cake



Level 62
 Level 62-1Pretty Woman  Pretty Woman
 Level 62-2 Foul Play  Foul Play
 Level 62-3British Pound  British Pound
 Level 62-4Rainbow  Rainbow
 Level 62-5Justin Bieber  Justin Bieber
 Level 62-6Flappy Bird  Flappy Bird
 Level 62-7Touchdown  Touchdown
 Level 62-8 Adele  Adele
 Level 62-9 Star Wrench  Star Wrench
 Level 62-10Home Sick  Home Sick



Level 63
 Level 63-1Hit the Books  Hit the Books
 Level 63-2Sunday  Sunday
 Level 63-3Cut a Check  Cut a Check
 Level 63-4 Courier  Courier
 Level 63-5Electric Piano  Electric Piano
 Level 63-6Lamb Chops  Lamb Chops
 Level 63-7NY Jets  NY Jets
 Level 63-8Standing Ovation  Standing Ovation
 Level 63-9Fruit Ninja  Fruit Ninja
 Level 63-10Land Down Under  Land Down Under



Level 64
 Level 64-1Paris Hilton  Paris Hilton
 Level 64-2Top Gun  Top Gun
 Level 64-3Cherry Red  Cherry Red
 Level 64-4Snap Chat  Snap Chat
 Level 64-5Fax Number  Fax Number
 Level 64-6Mother Nature  Mother Nature
 Level 64-7Fosters  Fosters
 Level 64-8Peace Out  Peace Out
 Level 64-9Legally Blonde  Legally Blonde
 Level 64-10Rugby World Cup  Rugby World Cup



Level 65
 Level 65-1Diamond Black Diamond Black
 Level 65-2 Gift Bag  Gift Bag
 Level 65-3 Computer Bag  Computer Bag
 Level 65-4Apple Computer  Apple Computer
 Level 65-5Bejeweled  Bejeweled
 Level 65-6Small Town Girl  Small Town Girl
 Level 65-7 iCloud  iCloud
 Level 65-8Halloween Costume  Halloween Costume
 Level 65-9Tapeworm  Tapeworm
 Level 65-10Turtle Power  Turtle Power