Guess The Emoji Answers – From 6 To 10 (levels)

Level 6
 Level 6-1Fruit Punch Fruit Punch
 Level 6-2Happy Feet Happy Feet
 Level 6-3French Fries French Fries
 Level 6-4Graduate Graduate
 Level 6-5Barber Shop Barber Shop
 Level 6-6Rocket Science Rocket Science
 Level 6-7Lucky Star Lucky Star
 Level 6-8Love Song Love Song
 Level 6-9Dentist Dentist
 Level 6-10Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk



Level 7
Level 7-1 Sunlight Sunlight
 Level 7-2Grand Parents Grand Parents
 Level 7-3Silent Night Silent Night
 Level 7-4ET ET
 Level 7-5City of Angels City of Angels
 Level 7-6TV Anchor TV Anchor
 Level 7-7Rain or Shine Rain or Shine
 Level 7-8Mute Mute
 Level 7-9Fish and Chips Fish and Chips
 Level 7-10Twelve Monkeys Twelve Monkeys



Level 8
Level 8-1 Mad Hatter Mad Hatter
 Level 8-2Harry Potter Harry Potter
 Level 8-3Canadian Bacon Canadian Bacon
 Level 8-4Dog Food Dog Food
 Level 8-5Blood Diamond Blood Diamond
 Level 8-6Scary Movie Scary Movie
 Level 8-7Time Out Time Out
 Level 8-8 Tiger Woods  Tiger Woods
 Level 8-9Thunder Storm Thunder Storm
 Level 8-10Horsepower Horsepower



Level 9
 Level 9-1Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor
 Level 9-2Gangnam Style Gangnam Style
 Level 9-3Bathroom Bathroom
 Level 9-4Candy Crush Candy Crush
 Level 9-5 Heart Attack  Heart Attack
 Level 9-6Cotton Candy Cotton Candy
 Level 9-7Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
 Level 9-8Ice Cream Truck Ice Cream Truck
 Level 9-9Free Willy Free Willy
 Level 9-10Baby Bottle Baby Bottle



Level 10
 Level 10-1Bee Line Bee Line
 Level 10-2Christmas Christmas
 Level 10-3Party Animal Party Animal
 Level 10-4Lab Rat Lab Rat
 Level 10-5Cat Woman Cat Woman
 Level 10-6Blue Moon Blue Moon
 Level 10-7Shower Cap Shower Cap
 Level 10-8Time Flies Time Flies
 Level 10-9Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong
 Level 10-10Family Photo Family Photo