Guess The Emoji Answers – From 56 To 60 (levels)

Level 56
 Level 56-1Radio Station  Radio Station
 Level 56-2 Sleep Walking  Sleep Walking
 Level 56-3Matrix  Matrix
 Level 56-4Water Proof  Water Proof
 Level 56-5Hugs and Kisses  Hugs and Kisses
 Level 56-6Atomic Bomb  Atomic Bomb
 Level 56-7Keyring  Keyring
 Level 56-8Drug Money  Drug Money
 Level 56-9High Tide High Tide
 Level 56-10Bell Bottom  Bell Bottom



Level 57
 Level 57-1Postal Service  Postal Service
 Level 57-2Root Beer  Root Beer
 Level 57-3 Lightning Fast  Lightning Fast
 Level 57-4Centaur  Centaur
 Level 57-5Sleepy Head  Sleepy Head
 Level 57-6 Jackie Chan  Jackie Chan
 Level 57-7Save The Date  Save The Date
 Level 57-8First Love  First Love
 Level 57-9Le Coq Sportif  Le Coq Sportif
 Level 57-10Morning Coffee  Morning Coffee



Level 58
 Level 58-1Newton  Newton
 Level 58-2Hit and Run  Hit and Run
 Level 58-3Dead Sea Scroll  Dead Sea Scroll
 Level 58-4Deviled Eggs  Deviled Eggs
 Level 58-5Star Trek  Star Trek
 Level 58-6Kopi Luwak  Kopi Luwak
 Level 58-7Moses  Moses
 Level 58-8Thirsty  Thirsty
 Level 58-9Lick  Lick
 Level 58-10Latte  Latte



Level 59
 Level 59-1Chocolate Ice Cream  Chocolate Ice Cream
 Level 59-2Wedding  Wedding
 Level 59-3Bus Stop  Bus Stop
 Level 59-4Fountain of Youth  Fountain of Youth
 Level 59-5Miss America  Miss America
 Level 59-6Baseball Cap  Baseball Cap
 Level 59-7 Predators  Predators
 Level 59-8Phonebook  Phonebook
 Level 59-9Lock Screen  Lock Screen
 Level 59-10Black Mamba  Black Mamba



Level 60
 Level 60-1 See No Evil  See No Evil
 Level 60-2Antarctic  Antarctic
 Level 60-3 Ski Pants  Ski Pants
 Level 60-4Outlook  Outlook
 Level 60-5 ATM Card  ATM Card
 Level 60-6 Rockstar  Rockstar
 Level 60-7Red Shoe Diaries  Red Shoe Diaries
 Level 60-8 Paintball  Paintball
 Level 60-9 White Win  White Wine
 Level 60-10Arm Wrestle  Arm Wrestle