Guess The Emoji Answers – From 46 To 50 (levels)

Level 46
 Level 46-1 Girl Power  Girl Power
 Level 46-2Cop Out  Cop Out
 Level 46-3Solar System  Solar System
 Level 46-4Family Doctor Family Doctor
 Level 46-5Tropic Thunder  Tropic Thunder
 Level 46-6Mailbox  Mailbox
 Level 46-7 Booger  Booger
 Level 46-8Planet of The Apes  Planet of The Apes
 Level 46-9Elephant Trunk  Elephant Trunk
 Level 46-10Abraham Lincoln  Abraham Lincoln



Level 47
 Level 47-1Flashback Flashback
 Level 47-2 Before Midnight  Before Midnight
 Level 47-3 Evolution  Evolution
 Level 47-4 Fox Hole  Fox Hole
 Level 47-5 Dinner Party  Dinner Party
 Level 47-6Recycle Bag  Recycle Bag
 Level 47-7 Scrambled Eggs  Scrambled Eggs
 Level 47-8Octopussy  Octopussy
 Level 47-9 Eight Tracks  Eight Tracks
 Level 47-10 You Are Toast  You Are Toast



Level 48
 Level 48-1 Fire Fighter  Fire Fighter
 Level 48-2Bee Sting  Bee Sting
 Level 48-3Seven Up Seven Up
 Level 48-4Before Sunrise  Before Sunrise
 Level 48-5African Elephant  African Elephant
 Level 48-6Snow White  Snow White
 Level 48-7 Mood Swing  Mood Swing
 Level 48-8Tsunami  Tsunami
 Level 48-9Raging Bull  Raging Bull
 Level 48-10Chateau  Chateau



Level 49
 Level 49-1Diners Club Diners Club
 Level 49-2Diarrhea  Diarrhea
 Level 49-3Pixar  Pixar
 Level 49-4Carls Jr  Carls Jr
 Level 49-5Corn Flakes  Corn Flakes
 Level 49-6Wine Spa  Wine Spa
 Level 49-7Blood Orange  Blood Orange
 Level 49-8Plug and Play  Plug and Play
 Level 49-9French Alps  French Alps
 Level 49-10 Sick as a Dog  Sick as a Dog



Level 50
 Level 50-1 Netflix  Netflix
 Level 50-2Spicy  Spicy
 Level 50-3 Planet Hollywood  Planet Hollywood
 Level 50-4Black Hawk Down  Black Hawk Down
 Level 50-5 King Kong  King Kong
 Level 50-6Dark Chocolate  Dark Chocolate
 Level 50-7 Pie Chart  Pie Chart
 Level 50-8Boombox  Boombox
 Level 50-9 February  February
 Level 50-10Money Talks  Money Talks