Guess The Emoji Answers – From 41 To 45 (levels)

Level 41
 Level 41-1 Soccer Mom  Soccer Mom
 Level 41-2Mouse Hunt  Mouse Hunt
 Level 41-3Cutting Costs  Cutting Costs
 Level 41-4Big Apple  Big Apple
 Level 41-5Mad Men  Mad Men
 Level 41-6Chicken Fried Rice  Chicken Fried Rice
 Level 41-7 Toilet Humor  Toilet Humor
 Level 41-8 Squid Ink  Squid Ink
 Level 41-9Mail Order Bride  Mail Order Bride
 Level 41-10 Gift Exchange  Gift Exchange



Level 42
 Level 42-1One Two Punch  One Two Punch
 Level 42-2 Food Poison  Food Poison
 Level 42-3Angel Hair  Angel Hair
 Level 42-4Watch Out  Watch Out
 Level 42-5 Reservoir Dogs  Reservoir Dogs
 Level 42-6Office Drama  Office Drama
 Level 42-7Animal Tracks  Animal Tracks
 Level 42-8Guess Jeans  Guess Jeans
 Level 42-9First Kiss  First Kiss
 Level 42-10 Venom  Venom



Level 43
 Level 43-1 Jamie Oliver  Jamie Oliver
 Level 43-2Tooth Fairy  Tooth Fairy
 Level 43-3Psychic  Psychic
 Level 43-4Green Thumb  Green Thumb
 Level 43-5 Home Movie  Home Movie
 Level 43-6 Save The Earth  Save The Earth
 Level 43-7Toolbox  Toolbox
 Level 43-8Crossbow  Crossbow
 Level 43-9Spelling Bee  Spelling Bee
 Level 43-10Evil Twins  Evil Twins



Level 44
 Level 44-1World Bank  World Bank
 Level 44-2Disney  Disney
 Level 44-3Dunkin Donuts  Dunkin Donuts
 Level 44-4Doorman  Doorman
 Level 44-5Drop Dead Gorgeous  Drop Dead Gorgeous
 Level 44-6 Hot Tub  Hot Tub
 Level 44-7Cash Back  Cash Back
 Level 44-8Werewolf  Werewolf
 Level 44-9Game Boy  Game Boy
 Level 44-10American Express  American Express



Level 45
 Level 45-1Walkman Walkman
 Level 45-2Car Alarm  Car Alarm
 Level 45-3Frostbite  Frostbite
 Level 45-4 Back to Square One  Back to Square One
 Level 45-5Converse  Converse
 Level 45-6Struck by Lightning  Struck by Lightning
 Level 45-7Blood Drive  Blood Drive
 Level 45-8Steroid  Steroid
 Level 45-9 Potato Head  Potato Head
 Level 45-10Fallen Angel  Fallen Angel