Guess The Emoji Answers – From 36 To 40 (levels)

Level 36
 Level 36-1Kiss of Death Kiss of Death
 Level 36-2X Files  X Files
 Level 36-3Lucky Thirteen  Lucky Thirteen
 Level 36-4 Sweet Sixteen  Sweet Sixteen
 Level 36-5Uptown Girl  Uptown Girl
 Level 36-6Holy Trinity  Holy Trinity
 Level 36-7Keyhole  Keyhole
 Level 36-8 Jackpot  Jackpot
 Level 36-9Love Triangle  Love Triangle
 Level 36-10Frog Prince  Frog Prince



Level 37
 Level 37-1Smokey Eye Smokey Eye
 Level 37-2Cowbell  Cowbell
 Level 37-3Bell Curve  Bell Curve
 Level 37-4Eiffel Tower  Eiffel Tower
 Level 37-5Man Purse  Man Purse
 Level 37-6X Ray  X Ray
 Level 37-7Victory Dance  Victory Dance
 Level 37-8Samsung  Samsung
 Level 37-9Cuts Both Ways  Cuts Both Ways
 Level 37-10Holy Ghost  Holy Ghost



Level 38
 Level 38-1Sake Bomb  Sake Bomb
 Level 38-2Sin City  Sin City
 Level 38-3Happy Hour  Happy Hour
 Level 38-4Shoe Horn  Shoe Horn
 Level 38-5 Game of Thrones  Game of Thrones
 Level 38-6Zero Hour  Zero Hour
 Level 38-7World Champion  World Champion
 Level 38-8Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
 Level 38-9 YouTube  YouTube
 Level 38-0 Hello Kitty  Hello Kitty



Level 39
 Level 39-1 Tropical Drink  Tropical Drink
 Level 39-2Princess Bride  Princess Bride
 Level 39-3 Cat Fight  Cat Fight
 Level 39-4Angel Investor  Angel Investor
 Level 39-5 Adam and Eve  Adam and Eve
 Level 39-6 London Eye  London Eye
 Level 39-7Bugs Bunny  Bugs Bunny
 Level 39-8Space Invader  Space Invader
 Level 39-9 Skyfall  Skyfall
 Level 39-10 Bank Robbery  Bank Robbery



Level 40
 Level 40-1French Wine French Wine
 Level 40-2Macbook Air  Macbook Air
 Level 40-3Applebees  Applebees
 Level 40-4Fast and Furious  Fast and Furious
 Level 40-5Speed  Speed
 Level 40-6Ted  Ted
 Level 40-7Around the Clock  Around the Clock
 Level 40-8Underdog  Underdog
 Level 40-9 Lady Luck  Lady Luck
 Level 40-10James Bond  James Bond