Guess The Emoji Answers – From 26 To 30 (levels)

Level 26
 Level 26-1Back Stabber Back Stabber
 Level 26-2Radio Silence  Radio Silence
 Level 26-3 Cupid  Cupid
 Level 26-4Insomnia  Insomnia
 Level 26-5Tour de France Tour de France
 Level 26-6Runny Nose  Runny Nose
 Level 26-7Dog Eat Dog  Dog Eat Dog
 Level 26-8 Orchestra  Orchestra
 Level 26-9Graduation Day Graduation Day
 Level 26-10Sleeping Pills  Sleeping Pills



Level 27
 Level 27-1Sick Leave Sick Leave
 Level 27-2Pinocchio Pinocchio
 Level 27-3 Cold Feet  Cold Feet
 Level 27-4 Bread Winner  Bread Winner
 Level 27-5Puss in Boots Puss in Boots
 Level 27-6Alphabet Soup  Alphabet Soup
 Level 27-7Wait and See  Wait and See
 Level 27-8 Triathlon  Triathlon
 Level 27-9Bus Station  Bus Station
 Level 27-10Donut Hole  Donut Hole



Level 28
 Level 27-1Birthday Party  Birthday Party
 Level 27-2London Bridge  London Bridge
 Level 27-3 Columbus  Columbus
 Level 27-4Tiger Prawn  Tiger Prawn
 Level 27-5 Hell No  Hell No
 Level 27-6Notebook  Notebook
 Level 27-7 Dessert  Dessert
 Level 27-8Snakes on a Plane  Snakes on a Plane
 Level 27-9Silence of The Lambs  Silence of The Lambs
 Level 27-10Camera Shy  Camera Shy



Level 29
 Level 28-1Tequila Sunrise  Tequila Sunrise
 Level 28-2 Appletini  Appletini
 Level 28-3Death Stare  Death Stare
 Level 28-4Pork Chop  Pork Chop
 Level 28-5Tennis Elbow  Tennis Elbow
 Level 28-6Hot Chick  Hot Chick
 Level 28-7Movie Star  Movie Star
 Level 28-8Bank of America  Bank of America
 Level 28-9Dancing Queen  Dancing Queen
 Level 29-10Pegasus  Pegasus



Level 30
 Level 30-1Bad Hair Day Bad Hair Day
 Level 30-2 Dark Horse  Dark Horse
 Level 30-3 Bolt  Bolt
 Level 30-4King of The Hill  King of The Hill
 Level 30-5Baggy Jeans  Baggy Jeans
 Level 30-6Call The Shots  Call The Shots
 Level 30-7Plant vs Zombies  Plant vs Zombies
 Level 30-8 Eurostar  Eurostar
 Level 30-9Propose  Propose
 Level 30-10Bee Movie  Bee Movie