Guess The Emoji Answers – From 16 To 20 (levels)

Level 16
 Level 16-1Bloody Mary Bloody Mary
 Level 16-2Eyeliner Eyeliner
 Level 16-3NYPD NYPD
 Level 16-4Botox Botox
 Level 16-5Hancock Hancock
 Level 16-6Bear Gryllis Bear Gryllis
 Level 16-7Bed Bugs Bed Bugs
 Level 16-8Watchmen Watchmen
 Level 16-9Pin Head Pin Head
 Level 16-10Poker Night Poker Night



Level 17
Level 17-1 Teacup Poodle Teacup Poodle
 Level 17-2Bible Bible
 Level 17-3Car Accident Car Accident
 Level 17-4Butcher Butcher
 Level 17-5Bright Idea Bright Idea
 Level 17-6Tongue Twist Tongue Twist
 Level 17-7Fairy Tale Fairy Tale
 Level 17-8Fisherman Fisherman
 Level 17-9Car Wash Car Wash
 Level 17-10Ringworm Ringworm



Level 18
Level 18-1 Down to Earth Down to Earth
 Level 18-2House Wine House Wine
 Level 18-3Miss Piggy Miss Piggy
 Level 18-4Canada Canada
 Level 18-5Goatee Goatee
 Level 18-6Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky
 Level 18-7ATM Pin ATM Pin
 Level 18-8Group Chat Group Chat
 Level 18-9Hunger Games Hunger Games
 Level 18-10Horseshoe Horseshoe



Level 19
 Level 19-1Lethal Weapon Lethal Weapon
 Level 19-2Makeover Makeover
 Level 19-3Book Bag Book Bag
 Level 19-4Forest Fire Forest Fire
 Level 19-5Runaway Bride Runaway Bride
 Level 19-6Drive In Theater Drive In Theater
 Level 19-7Rulebook Rulebook
 Level 19-8Sound of Music Sound of Music
 Level 19-9Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles
 Level 19-10Air Force One Air Force One



Level 20
 Level 20-1What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath
 Level 20-2Banana Split Banana Split
 Level 20-3Sex and the City Sex and the City
 Level 20-4UFO UFO
 Level 20-5Mario Brothers Mario Brothers
 Level 20-6Mr and Mrs Smith Mr and Mrs Smith
 Level 20-7Corn Nuts Corn Nuts
 Level 20-8Key to My Heart Key to My Heart
 Level 20-9Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
 Level 20-10Breakfast Club Breakfast Club