Guess The Emoji Answers – From 11 To 15 (levels)

Level 11
 Level 11-1New York Times New York Times
 Level 11-2Early Bird Early Bird
 Level 11-3Michael Jordan Michael Jordan
 Level 11-4Psycho Psycho
 Level 11-5Pizza Hut Pizza Hut
 Level 11-6Puppy Love Puppy Love
 Level 11-7Italian Job Italian Job
 Level 11-8Angels and Demons Angels and Demons
 Level 11-9Baby Shower Baby Shower
 Level 11-10Hammer Time Hammer Time



Level 12
Level 12-1 Finding Nemo Finding Nemo
 Level 12-2Pines and Needles Pines and Needles
 Level 12-3Eye Candy Eye Candy
 Level 12-4Nose Bleed Nose Bleed
 Level 12-5Banana Boat Banana Boat
 Level 12-6Ghost Busters Ghost Busters
 Level 12-7The Pianist The Pianist
 Level 12-8Walking Dead Walking Dead
 Level 12-9Plane Crash Plane Crash
 Level 12-107 Up 7 Up



Level 13
 Level 13-1Love Boat Love Boat
 Level 13-2Bridal Shower Bridal Shower
 Level 13-3Drama Queen Drama Queen
 Level 13-4Birthday Song Birthday Song
 Level 13-5Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth
 Level 13-6Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
 Level 13-7Paper Cut Paper Cut
 Level 13-8Smoking Gun Smoking Gun
 Level 13-9Doorbell Doorbell
 Level 13-10Cookie Monster Cookie Monster



Level 14
 Level 14-1Oceans Eleven Oceans Eleven
 Level 14-2Up Up
 Level 14-3Sweat Pants Sweat Pants
 Level 14-4British Airways British Airways
 Level 14-5Pen Pals Pen Pals
 Level 14-6Finish Line Finish Line
 Level 14-7Snow Man Snow Man
 Level 14-8Turtle Dove Turtle Dove
 Level 14-9Hot Dog Hot Dog
 Level 14-10Life of Pi Life of Pi



Level 15
 Level 15-1Beauty Queen Beauty Queen
 Level 15-2Perfect Storm Perfect Storm
 Level 15-3Housewife Housewife
 Level 15-4Cocktail Party Cocktail Party
 Level 15-5Candy Apple Candy Apple
 Level 15-6Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon
 Level 15-7Four Seasons Four Seasons
 Level 15-8Dances With Wolves Dances With Wolves
 Level 15-9Animal Planet Animal Planet
 Level 15-10Piggy Bank Piggy Bank