Guess The Emoji Answers – From 1 To 5 (levels)

Level 1
 Level 1-1Sunglasses Sunglasses
 Level 1-2Love Letter Love Letter
 Level 1-3French Kiss French Kiss
 Level 1-4Corn Dog Corn Dog
 Level 1-5Watch Dog Watch Dog
 Level 1-6Cornbread Cornbread
 Level 1-7Coffee Break Coffee Break
 Level 1-8Burger King Burger King
 Level 1-9Apple TV Apple TV
 Level 1-10Starfish Starfish



Level 2
Level 2-1 Shellfish Shellfish
 Level 2-2Bookworm Bookworm
 Level 2-3Moonwalk Moonwalk
 Level 2-4Fire Truck Fire Truck
 Level 2-5Fire Alarm Fire Alarm
 Level 2-6No Smoking No Smoking
 Level 2-7Lady Bug Lady Bug
 Level 2-8Toilet Paper Toilet Paper
 Level 2-9Pizza Box Pizza Box
 Level 2-10Angry Birds Angry Birds



Level 3
 Level 3-1Rocket Fuel Rocket Fuel
 Level 3-2Spiderman Spiderman
 Level 3-3Family Tree Family Tree
 Level 3-4Carpool Carpool
 Level 3-5Tennis Shoes Tennis Shoes
 Level 3-6Air Mail Air Mail
 Level 3-7Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookie
 Level 3-8Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp Cocktail
 Level 3-9Baseball Diamond Baseball Diamond
 Level 3-10Home Run Home Run



Level 4
 Level 4-1NASA NASA
 Level 4-2Easter Egg Easter Egg
 Level 4-3Smoke Alarm Smoke Alarm
 Level 4-4Light House Light House
 Level 4-5Goodbye Kiss Goodbye Kiss
 Level 4-6Cry Baby Cry Baby
 Level 4-7Cash Cow Cash Cow
 Level 4-8Popcorn Popcorn
 Level 4-9Facebook Facebook
 Level 4-10Starbucks Starbucks



Level 5
 Level 5-1iPhone iPhone
 Level 5-2Cowboy Cowboy
 Level 5-3Shooting Star Shooting Star
 Level 5-4Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie
 Level 5-5Diamonds Diamonds
 Level 5-6Cat Nap Cat Nap
 Level 5-7iTunes iTunes
 Level 5-8Catfish Catfish
 Level 5-9Flag Ship Flag Ship
 Level 5-10Earth Worm Earth Worm